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Property Management

Home Property Management

Property Management

We have ample experience working with all kinds of homeowner’s associations and condominiums: large ones, which require lots of services and works, and smaller ones usually located in downtown Madrid.

These are some of the most relevant tasks pertinent to our activities:

  •   Daily Ledger for the homeowner’s association
  •   Monthly Financial Status
  •   Monthly Report for the Chairman
  •   Quarterly Balance Sheets
  •   Annual Budget
  •   Announcement and holding of Residents Meetings
  •   Carrying out all points agreed upon on said meetings
  •   Employment Contracts, Social Security and Payrolls
  •   Regular calls on the property
  •   Custody of documents
  •   Meetings with the Board
  •   Personal attention to the owners
  •   Contracting the various general services
  •   Insurance Policy Applications
  •   Handling the Building Technical Inspection procedures
  •   Executing and monitoring all necessary works for the property: well drilling, façade works, roof repairs, plumbing, etc.

If your homeowner’s association has still to be established, we can carry out all necessary proceeding for said establishment.