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Real Estate Mediation and Management

Home Real Estate Mediation and Management

Real Estate Mediation and Management

If you wish to sell or let a certain property, we will look for a suitable buyer or tenant, whichever might be the case. ARCOS OLEA will advice you on how to best place the property on the market and on whichever circumstances it might be advisable to do so, based on each different estate's location and features.

ARCOS OLEA will advertise your property or properties and will send you notice, whenever a potential buyer or tenant asks after your property's particulars, for you to consider. In short, we will guide you through the entire process, from the beginning of our business relationship and up to the day when the Sales or Renting Agreement is finally signed.

ARCOS OLEA can administer your apartment or house once it has been let. We can lend our wide experience in matters such as horizontal property, management of homeowner's associations and buildings for this kind of service.

If you need to buy or rent an apartment or a house, ARCOS OLEA will look for the best possible options available on the market, according to your needs, and will present you with a selection for you to consider.


Finally, if you are looking for someone to manage your real estate patrimony in your name, ARCOS OLEA can give you the best possible service available based on its wide experience acquired on this line of business and the synergy relationships arising from our various services rendered.

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